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Monday, August 21, 2006

Juventus is down to Serie B

more than 3 months after I posted the last article, Juventus is down to Serie B with 17 points scrapped of the starting return campaign after a series of appeals.

Thanks Moggi, Vaffanculo!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moggi problems with juventus and refrees

ROME (AP) - UEFA and Italian soccer league officials will investigate allegations that Juventus general director Luciano Moggi arranged to have certain referees assigned to his team's games.Italian media have printed extensive excerpts of phone calls between Moggi and refereeing official Pierluigi Pairetto from last season in which the pair allegedly discussed match officials assigned for Serie A and Champions League games.
UEFA said Friday it had opened a disciplinary inquiry into the case and had verbally reprimanded Pairetto for disclosing confidential information.
The Italian federation also will conduct an inquiry.
"Sporting justice will be made with diligence, timeliness, serenity and rigor," federation president Franco Carraro said.
"Errors can happen, what's important is that we uncover them and apply the necessary sanctions," he added.
Pairetto assigned referees for Italian league matches last season and was one of three vice chairmen of UEFA's referees committee for the 2004-06 period.
Thursday's Gazzetta dello Sport detailed a Sept. 1, 2004 phone call in which Pairetto called Moggi to discuss Juventus' Champions League game against Ajax in Amsterdam, which Juve won 1-0 two weeks later.
"I got a great referee for the game in Amsterdam," Pairetto said, according to the transcripts.
After Pairetto told Moggi that Swiss referee Urs Meier would direct the game, Moggi responded, "That's great!"
Pairetto then said, "I just wanted to tell you that, you see how I remember you."
Pairetto's UEFA term expires June 30, and the Italian federation has nominated former star referee Pierluigi Collina to replace him on the European board.
Several Serie A games are also under investigation.
Pairetto has denied any wrongdoing.
As part of a club-wide media boycott, Moggi has not spoken publicly recently. Juventus chairman Antonio Giraudo, who has also been implicated in the scandal, held a news conference in Turin on Friday to defend the club.
"I've read that our silence is the product of fear, but that's an affirmation which is absolutely false," Giraudo said, according to the ANSA news agency.
The phone excerpts were provided to soccer authorities by the same Turin prosecutors who investigated Juventus for alleged doping violations between 1994-98. Juventus was acquitted in the doping case but prosecutors have appealed to Italy's highest court.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

bad day for futball!

today was maybe one of the worst days ever tht occured in futball,,, i witnessed nearly the full match in the EPL of arsenal 0-0 manure!!! what a pathetic excuse of a game it was, it was like 22 amatuers playing on the field, just kikin da ball and shit....

+ 2morrow i have a Social Psych. quiz, hope i do well inshallah!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mm,, i've made an achievement now!!

while playing fifa 06, I SCORED A FREEKICK!! SHAMS! UP URS!! :D

(PS, it's very tuf to score freekicks ...) ;)

1st day

Well, 1st of all i goot say to all my homies out there, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pardon me cuz today was the 1st day i did tht blog, personally i think its a very good idea , like a personal diary (not girlish though :P ).

year 2005 was perfect for me, my beloved Juventus is 1st in the ranking and never lost their place for over 15 matchdays, FORZA JUVE! ;)

well, this is as i said ma 1st day in making da blog, so i wont be posting, so this is too much for today :D


(oh btw, this is ma football idol in the above pic! ).